FOCUS: “Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” (Acts 12: 5)

MEMORY VERSE: “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5: 17)

When Herod began his onslaught against the early church, it didn’t seem like a matter to be prayed about until he killed James. When Peter was thrown into prison, prayers were raised by the church on Peter’s behalf. Tragedy was waiting in Peter’s future, and the church prayed to interrupt it. Negativity was waiting for Peter, and the church prayed to interrupt it. The enemy arose against Peter, but prayer was used to change it.

Friend, no matter the negativity you are dealing with, change it with prayer. Turn the tables in your favour with prayer. Resist the enemy by raising prayers against his satanic devices. Go against whatever negativity that is around you with prayers. Raise prayers against every negative tide in the economy. Raise prayers against every health challenge that wants to swallow your resources and life. Raise prayers against the works of the enemy.

Peter was thrown into prison, but that was not the end; the goal was to kill him eventually. Herod wanted to use the justice system of the day against Peter to the extent of taking Peter’s life. He packaged evil in batches, purposing to release them gradually. Don’t wait for the enemy to release the next installment of his wickedness against you before you raise prayers. Don’t allow negativity to come full circle before you arise in prayers. Don’t pray when the enemy is done in full.

Arise in prayers already. Interrupt the plans of the enemy with prayers. Interrupt the cycle of evil and negativity with prayers. Turn the tide of the economy with prayers. Turn against every evil that has arisen against you with prayers. Push back every surge of darkness with prayers. No matter how physical a matter seems, give it a dose of continuous prayers. Scuttle satanic plans with your ceaseless prayers.

Pray, and keep praying without ceasing. Even if it seems very physical, go ballistic in prayers and turn back the invasion of the enemy.



  • I choose to pray ceaselessly until I turn back the hands of the enemy, in Jesus’ name!
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