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Our team assists people to their seats, facilitates the offering, manages the flow of people in the church auditorium and ensures a distraction-free service environment. Our smile creates an inviting atmosphere especially to first timers.

Worship and Praise Team

Are you musically-gifted, Christ centered and committed to serving with your God-given talent. Join our worship and praise team in creating an atmosphere where lives are transformed and souls healed, through the power of the holy ghost , in the place of deep and intense worship and praise every service.

Digital Team

The Digital team operates cameras, helps in website updates and uploading of contents, handles the church screens during services and performs video and picture editing after production.

Welcome Team

The welcome team helps create a welcoming and friendly environment. We believe that first impression matters a lot, so be a part of the team that welcomes the first timers and other members.

Mighty Arrow Kids Team

Be a part of the mighty arrow kids team by volunteering to work directly with children at streams of Joy Houston. You will be required to take care of the kids, engage them with the gospel through Bible stories, songs and group activities to help shape their lives and build their faith in God. Volunteer must have a heart to work with kids.

Praise & Worship Music Band

These are the members of the praise and worship team that plays instruments. Volunteers can reach out to the church by calling in or by visiting the church office.

Daily Devotional by Jerry Eze