FOCUS: “And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison.” (Acts 12: 6)

MEMORY VERSE: “Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.” (Isaiah 8: 10)

Our Focal Scripture speaks of that night preceding the bringing forth of Peter to the people. Herod appointed a time for the destruction of Peter; but before he could execute his plan, heaven executed a counter plan. Herod had a plan of evil, but heaven had a counter plan of safety and deliverance for Peter. Herod planned death for Peter, but heaven outsmarted him and took Peter out before he could implement his plan.

Friend, hear me as I hear the Lord: for every plan of the enemy, heaven has a counter plan. For every attack of the kingdom of darkness, heaven has a counter attack. For every plot of the enemy to keep you in confinement, heaven has a counter plan for your advancement and rising. For every plan of the enemy to reduce your destiny, heaven has a counter plan of increase on all sides. Heaven has an antidote for every plan of hell.

Herod made more than enough arrangements to fulfill his wicked plans in the life of Peter, but heaven’s counter plans made a mess of his own wicked plans. Before Herod could wake up to fulfill his evil agenda, Peter had already been taken out of the prison by an angel. Hear me as I hear the Lord: for every wicked plan hatched against you, before it is time to fulfill their wicked plans, heaven would have taken you far away from their reach. You will be unreachable to your haters.

Don’t lose sleep on account of the wickedness of the wicked. Though they gather against you, their evil plans will be overtaken by the plans of heaven. As they make their wicked plans, their wickedness will suffer huge embarrassment. As they arrange for evil, their arrangements will come to nothing. As they plan to take you down, heaven is already plotting to take you higher. You will not be at the mercy of the plots of evil men.

Welcome to that season where the plans of hell will cause heaven to arise on your behalf. Welcome to that season where heaven will embarrass every evil plotter against you.



  • For every plot of the enemy, heaven will release a counter plan in my favour, in Jesus’ name!
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